Shellfish Monitoring Teacher Resource Kit



Classroom Planning

Shellfish Monitoring Unit Plan

Level 3 Curriculum Links

Level 4 Curriculum Links

Environmental Education Guidelines

Unit Outline – Learning Experiences, Resources

Pre-Trip: Background Information

Part 1: Why do a shellfish survey

Teachers Fact Sheet: Factors Affecting Distribution and Abundance in Intertidal Shellfish Populations

Pre-Trip: Survey Preperation

Part 2: How do we conduct a shellfish survey?

Part 3: Shellfish identification, measuring and recording data

Practice Measuring Sticks for Cockles and Pipi

Practice V-Boards for Cockles

Pipi Fact Sheet

Cockle Information and Activities from Pauatahanui inlet Resource

Survey Field Trip

General Survey Information for Teachers

HGF Shellfish Survey Procedure

Example: Parent Consent Letter

Permission to use Images/Work/Footage

Example: Shellfish Survey Rish Management Plan

Example: Field Data Forms

Shellfish Survey School Records

Post-Trip: Analysis and Interpretation fo Results

Data Analysis Introduction

Student Worksheet – What Lives on the Beach?

Student Worksheet – How big are the Cockles/Pipi?

Student Worksheet – How does Cockle/Pipi Abundance Change with DIstance from High Tide

Student Worksheet – Let’s Compare the Entire Beach

Take Action

Take Action – Suggested Follow on Activities

Fact Sheet: Management Options for Shellfish Ecosystems


Reference and Resource List